The Do's and The Don'ts of The Custom-Made Buttons

Every designer of the custom buttons can agree that even though they may have designed buttons over a long range of years, some come out better than others. One thing, however, remains for sure, and it is that the best ones of them all have several features in common. The best-designed custom buttons are not only simple but also bold and straight to the point. Anyone that may be planning to design their buttons or for their clients should put in mind some of the do's and don'ts discussed below.

Keep things short and sweet
The custom buttons are similar to the billboard whereby one has a maximum of five seconds to grab the viewers' attention and maybe another five to read through the message. It is, therefore, worth keeping everything short and sweet which explain why squeezing too much info in the tiny space may not be productive in the long run. It is vital to keep the message brief, clear and to the point, since buttons are small and also may not accommodate so much data.

Use bold and easy to read fonts
The most significant mistakes that most designers make in their work is using the comic sans and very tiny fonts that are difficult to read as well. If the viewers have to read with no difficulties and within the short time they have, then the large and bold fonts are the way to go. Most of the audience that the custom button designers may be targeting is obviously above 12 years, and the comic sans may not be the ideal choice of font in the long if they have to get as much attention as they desire.

Use color to one's advantage but remember not to overdo it
Talking about color when designing the custom buttons is among the most challenging topics as even though it is advisable for the designer to use their color, the same option may not the client's favorite. The color may also detract the message which in the end hinders one from achieving their goals. It is therefore essential and after to go for the simple color schemes and also consult a color when in doubt. View here for more info:

Type color and background color
It is every custom button designer's goal to have their message to stand out. The color of the button should also contrast with the background to ensure that the message stands out and is visible from far as well. Get more here:

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